Terra Marique Risk Management Ltd. (TMRM) is a professional health, safety, environment and security (HSES) company, having extensive domestic and international experience. Knowledge of HSES risk management, Integrated and Safety Management Systems, investigation methodologies, emergency response, and adult education greatly assists companies and organizations in achieving their goals.

Terra Marique, meaning ‘By Land and Sea’ in Latin, is representative of the Company’s background and history.  TMRM’s personnel have over twenty-five years’ experience in offshore/onshore quality, health, safety, environment and security (QHSES) management and training in the marine, mining, offshore construction, and oil and gas industries. While working in Canada and internationally TMRM Ltd. has developed an understanding of, and respect for, the different cultural, ethnic, and religious attributes that people possess. This, coupled with the ability to manage QHSES administration and operations, gives us the capability to work in almost any location.

A fundamental belief at TMRM Ltd. is that we have a responsibility to pass to the next generation the correct way to carry out work without undue risk to themselves, other persons, and the environment. Expertise acquired through field operations is applied to mentor younger and less experienced personnel to minimize potential accidents, develop a competent workforce, and cultivate future leaders.

People accept risk at some level each day, consciously or otherwise.  Risk assessment, subsequent management, and ultimately the control of risks must be an integral process utilised by everyone to achieve desired levels of safe performance and efficient productivity. Success only occurs when effective controls have been developed, implemented and verified, and personnel are risk averse instead of risk tolerant.

Terra Marique Risk Management Ltd. understands the work, knows the exposures, and we
offer value-added solutions.


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